Caribena versicolor

Martinique red tree spider / Martinique pinktoe

Habitat: Caribbean / Martinique

Type: arboreal

Longevity: ♂ ~ 3 years / ♀ ~ 12 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 6/2,4

Without a doubt one of the most attractive tree dwellers is the Caribena versicolor from the Caribbean. Even as a spiderling, this 8-legged creature wears an intense blue. With age, the legs and abdomen turn red-purple and look very fluffy.

The carapace shows a greenish color on larger animals. In the terrarium you should pay attention to good ventilation to avoid unwanted waterlogging. You shouldn't keep them too dry. In our stock we currently only have one small spiderling in the fourth skin and we are very excited to see how it will develop.

Picture 1: sling in its forth instar

Picture 2: the same little spider with its beautiful coloring

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