Chamaeleo calyptratus

Veiled Chameleon / Cone-head chameleon

Habitat: Yemen

Type: Reptilia

Longevity: ♂ ~ 7 years / ♀ ~ 5 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 30 - 40/11 - 16

Of course, this animal only has four legs instead of eight, like most of the representatives on this site. Still, this creature is an incredibly great wonder of nature. At the age of almost 6 months we took over from a special breeder and set up a large and pretty terrarium for him. The attitude of course makes completely different demands than those of a spider. The costs for the enclosure and maintenance are correspondingly higher. In order to do justice to the animal and to enjoy it for as long as possible, this is inevitable. A corresponding amount of information can be found on the Internet, but we advise you to obtain it from an experienced breeder, as this species does not always forgive keeping mistakes. 

The Chamaeleo calyptratus is usually a loner. While the males wear an increasingly larger "helmet" with increasing age, this is hardly developed in the females. The animal communicates its mood among other things by changing its color, if it feels distressed it can also hiss like a little dragon. It catches the food with an amazing sticking out of its long tongue (crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, etc.), but vegetables and rarely fruits are also on the menu. As already mentioned, our 4-legged friend is still very young, so this page is always brought up to date.

This species is protected and, at least in Germany, notifiable.

Picture: our chameleon one day after moving into the new terrarium

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