Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

Greenbottle blue tarantula

Habitat: Venezuela

Type: terrestrial

Longevity: ♂ ~ 4 years / ♀ ~ 16 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 6/2,4

The Chromatopelma cyaneopupescens is another beautiful species from the new world. Blue legs, a greenish carapax and the abdomen with the red hairs make this creature to a very attractive spider. The slings and juveniles show a nice black painting on the orange abdomen, while their carapax sometimes shines golden. Their feeding response is a pleasure for everybody in the hobby. This spider can be very fast but our animals never tried to bite. They´re skittish an try to hide when they feel threatened.

We hold the enclosures dry with temperatures between 25 an 27 °C (~78 °F). They can dig holes, but our Chromatopelmas prefer to spin webs on the ground and between wood rods and cork pieces.

Picture above: a juvenile with 3 cm body size

Picture gallery:

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Part of the photos below are from a YouTube guy named "Terralo". You can find his channel HERE! It's worth a visit.

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