Cyriocosmus elegans

Trinidad dwarf (tiger) tarantula / Valentine tarantula

Habitat: Venezuela, West indies

Type: terrestrial / fossorial

Longevity: ♂ ~ 2 years / ♀ ~ 7 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 2/0,8

The optically attractive dwarf spider is probably one of the smallest representatives of the tarantulas. It reaches a body length of just 2 cm, the males remain much smaller. It owes its scientific name to its beautiful appearance. The black triangle on the copper-colored carapace and the unusual "heart" on the black abdomen are particularly striking. Because of the stripes on the opisthosoma, this spider is also called Trinidad dwarf tiger. The animal lives under roots, stones or other hiding places, so there should be at least one possibility of retreat in captivity. Usually these spiders also dig tunnels and spend a lot of time there. We currently have five spiderlings (just ordered) in our stock and will keep this page up to date with the relevant information and observations.

Picture: the mother of our slings (thanks to the breeder for this photo!)

Pictures of the slings will follow!

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