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Theraphosinae (sp) piura


Piura bird eater (terrestrial)
~ 8 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 15 years, ♂ ~ 5 years

Currently there is a suspicion that Thrixopelma priuriens and Theraphosinae (sp) piura are the same species. However, a DNA test is necessary for a reliable determination.
A rather inconspicuous species - at first glance - but one that certainly has its highlights. In the right light, the females of this species are very versatile. They shimmer yellow, red and greenish. They are ground dwellers who like to dig but also accept prefabricated caves. They are good eaters and can be quite self-confident, preferring to flee if possible. Carapace and opistosoma are beige and golden in the female, the abdomen is much darker in the adult male. According to current information, this species is Thrixopelma pruriens.

Theraphosinae (sp) piura
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