Meriones unguiculatus

Mongolian gerbil / Mongolian jird

Habitat: ChinaMongolia

Type: rodents

Longevity: 2 - 4 years

Body size without tail (cm/in): ~ 7/2,7

The next non-8-legged species...

These day and night active rodents live freely in groups. Group housing is also essential in captivity, where two animals are sufficient. However, the community must harmonize. Normally, the four-legged friends have to be specially accustomed to each other, otherwise bloody or fatal fights can occur. Getting used to people is quite possible, but not routine. We keep two men who have been together since they were born. The enclosure must offer sufficient space and, above all, sufficient digging opportunities. We have converted a Kallax shelf for this purpose. Although you can always find sharp criticism on the Internet, our animals are doing great there. In nature the animals are usually brown, while in captivity there is a wide range of color variations.

Picture 1: our gerbils Spike and Charlos 2019

Picture 2: the enclosure with sufficient digging space below, an integrated sand bath and an absolutely essential running wheel