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Sometimes we have animals left over which we offer for sale or exchange. We do not pursue any financial interests, but this can help to make our hobby possible. Like most "spider fans", we also start breeding experiments and can then sell animals accordingly. We also look forward to offers from other spider owners.

We are only interested in legal business, so we only take or sell animals that require proof of origin with the appropriate document! Furthermore, we do not accept any banned animals or wild-caught animals (in Bavaria, for example, the keeping of Poecilotheria metallica is prohibited...). Exchange deals etc. are reduced to the European area, with exceptions confirming the rule.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Current offers (11.2020):

  1. Psalmopoeus cambridgei 0.0.1 (from 2020, current size ~ 1.5 cm (to see a picture click here).


  1. At the moment we are not looking for a special species, but of course you can make us an offer!

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