Psalmopoeus cambridgei

Trinidad chevron tarantula

Habitat: Trinidad

Type: arboreal

Longevity: ♂ ~ 3 years / ♀ ~ 12 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 6/2,4

The P. cambridgei is a fast and most times hiding spider. Mostly it sneaks around at night, but withdraws again with the slightest vibration. The tree-dwelling spider builds funnel-shaped webs and

produces a special venom to avert enemies. According to information on the Internet, a bite from this spider is very painful because the poison is supposed to activate heat-sensitive neurons, as it is common with chilli peppers. 

We can observe our animals in the evening at the entrance of their living tube, where they are obviously waiting for prey.

It also gives the impression that they react more to light. Even in absolute silence they react immediately to a flashlight and withdraw.

Since we only have young specimens, we can only show corresponding images here (these will be renewed when the spiders grow).

Picture 1: a spiderling in its funnel-shaped web

Picture 2: a tiny sling at the top of a cork piece

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