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Theraphosa stirmi

(Rudloff & Weinmann, 2010)

Burgundy goliath bird eater (terrestrial)
Guyana, Venezuela
~ 11 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 12 years, ♂ ~ 5 years

In addition to the somewhat better known Theraphosa blondi, Theraphosa stirmi is one of the largest tarantulas on the planet. The fangs alone can be over 2 cm long. In addition, this species has quite strong urticating hairs, which it not only uses for active defense, but also passively by lining its hiding place with it. It is advisable to wear gloves when cleaning the terrarium. They are aggressive and self-confident eaters. Care should be taken to ensure a little more moisture than other tarantula species, avoiding waterlogging and drafts.

Theraphosa stirmi
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