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Birupes simoroxigorum

(Gabriel & Sherwood, 2019)

Borneo blue leg spider (fossorial)
~ 5 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ ? years, ♂ ~ ? years

Since these Asian beauties were only recently described and we are currently only maintaining a sling, the experience with this fossorial species is limited. We got our animal in first instar and it is growing slowly but surely. We keep the soil substrate rather moist (similar to Theraphosida), there is also a slightly higher level of humidity - so far the calculation has worked. The beautiful blue coloring of the legs can unfortunately only be guessed at at the moment, should the time come, appropriate photographs will certainly appear here. However, one thing is certain - if a Birupes has the opportunity to escape, it will run like the devil. Fortunately, it is not able to climb smooth surfaces!

Birupes simoroxigorum
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