Theraphosa stirmi

Burgundy goliath birdeater

Habitat: Guyana and Suriname

Type: terrestrial

Longevity: ♂ ~ 6 years / ♀ ~ 12 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 10/4

Not as well known as another "giant tarantula" - the Th. blondi - this species is in no way inferior to its relatives. Only the leg hair shows differences to a trained eye. With a maximum size of 12 cm, the terrarium can be correspondingly large. Even if it is not one of the most beautiful spiders, its appearance alone is a reason for its popularity. The Th. stirmi basically shows a very good feeding behavior. The gigantic fangs can cause severe pain and sometimes hard injuries when bitten, but the venom is relatively low.

In its natural habitat this tarantula is a delicacy among the indigenous people. We currently have a spiderling in its first instar. This is already 1.5 cm (without legs, hatched 08.2020) tall. For example, this is twice the size of an approximately one year old B. hamorii. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to show an image of an adult animal (which will hopefully follow). However, the little one is already a feast for the eyes! The Th. strimi is relatively expensive to buy, but much cheaper than the Th. blondi mentioned above.

Picture 1: our sling with 1,5 cm body size only three month old eating its prey

Picture 2: the same stirmi when exploring its enclosure


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