Tliltocatl vagans

Mexican red rump

Habitat: Mexico

Type: terrestrial

Longevity: ♂ ~ 5 years / ♀ ~ 20 years

Body size without legs (cm/in): ~ 8/3

This tarantula was known as Brachypelma vagans till a revision in 2019. Now its called Tliltocatl vagans.

These 8-legged terrarium dwellers dig large and long tunnels, so that there is sufficient substrate to be ensured. On the Internet they are often described as docile, but we have often seen very self-confident guys. Appropriate caution is advisable when handling this species. Without a recognizable system, the spider is often in its cave, but then outside again in phases. The intense red of the hair on the abdomen shows a nice contrast to the black of the legs, whereby these turn into a gray tone. They are very robust and hardly make any special demands on their care.

Picture 1: our big juvenile female

Picture 2: front view of the tarantula from the first photo

Picture 3: a sling of T. vagans ~ 1 year old

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