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Hapalopus (sp) colombia

(Ausserer, 1875)

Colombian pumpkin patch (terrestrial)
~ 4 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 10 years, ♂ ~ 3 years

This species comes in two sizes, with the larger one being discussed here. Hapalopus sp. colombia grows to approx. 4 cm (body length) and can be easily distinguished from the slightly smaller species. While the colored dots on the abdomen are connected in the larger ones, the colored dots in the smaller ones are separated from each other, i.e. they are interrupted by the black hairs. This species is very fast and unpredictable, and they are also very good climbers. They owe their common name to their pattern, which is supposed to resemble a pumpkin head.

Hapalopus (sp) colombia
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