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The hobby!


Why spiders?


"Oh, how disgusting!", "Help, help a spider!", "Put that away!"

In relation to spiders, everyone has heard the above sentences several times. The disgust for arachnids is widespread in our society and the offspring are also raised in this direction. It is always frightening how much people feel disturbed by nature in many situations. And spiders, especially the big and hairy ones, are often one of those disruptive factors that can even cause panic in some people. But there are other characters as well. Those who would rather find out and understand something than make a judgment without aggravation. These people may also have a certain disgust with spiders, but the curiosity is greater. Therefore, they hang out with the animals and get to know them. Depending on your interests, it can even develop into a passion and a serious hobby.


Even if spiders are relatively easy to keep animals, there are still rules to be observed and requirements to be met. What does which animal need? The following pages are intended to address these topics and friends of the hobby or interested parties may find one or the other useful information! Have fun browsing!

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