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Tliltocatl vagans

(Ausserer, 1875)

Mexican red rump (terrestrial)
~ 8 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 25 years, ♂ ~ 5 years

Until 2019, this tarantula was known as Brachypelma vagans. Caring for them is easy as the animal is very flexible. Even in the great outdoors there are sometimes different distribution areas with different conditions. It is the same with the mind of the Tliltocatl vagans. Quiet and good-natured animals are reported, but extremely defensive animals are also mentioned. The venom has been researched in the medical field for many years. The species has an international protection status according to WAA / Cites II. In Germany, for example, a certificate of origin is required.

Tliltocatl vagans
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