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Dolomedes triton

(Walckenaer, 1837)

Six-spotted fishing spider
North America
~ 2,5 cm bodylength

Dolomedes triton comes from the family of the Pisauridae (hunting spiders) and is a relatively large representative of its genus Dolomedes with a maximum body length of 3 cm (females). They are fast, jump when needed and walk across water. The animal owes this skill to its dense coat of hair (setae). The 8-legged friend also succeeds in diving, for example to take down smaller fishes. As with many arachnids, the males are distinguished by a more inconspicuous coloration and are significantly smaller. The Six-spotted fishing spider hunts by day. They use their silk to secure themselves on the water, a kind of safety line.

Dolomedes triton
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