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Heteropoda dagmarae

(Jäger & Vedel, 2005)

no common name
~ 2,5 cm bodylength

While females of this species can reach a body length of 3 cm, males can reach a maximum of 2 cm. They are very fast and agile, so you should always act carefully in the enclosure. When the lightning-fast Huntsman spider escapes, capture becomes difficult if not impossible. They hide in small cracks, under stones or bark. They also like to climb several meters in height and hunt at night. Whether the 8-legged creature shown is actually Hetropoda dagmarae is currently still in doubt. On the one hand they are hardly common in the hobby, on the other hand the source from which we acquired the animals is very questionable. We received it in the mail and the packaging already indicated an amateur...

Heteropoda dagmarae
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