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Chaetopelma olivaceum

(Koch, 1841)

Middle East gold / black furry (terrestrial)
Cyprus, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt
~ 5 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 210 years, ♂ ~ 3 years

Chaetopelma oliviaceum is a rather inconspicuous species (the color varies between gray, black and brown), which is rarely kept in the terrarium. The animals are widespread in nature and can also cope with slightly lower temperatures (lowering the temperature in winter to around 15 ° C is even recommended to simulate natural conditions). The animals are very quick, nervous and defensive. If you disturb them, there is also a willingness to bite in addition to fleeing. This genus is a so-called "cultural follower", accordingly they can also be found in human settlements and like to use cracks in masonry as hiding places.

Chaetopelma olivaceum
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