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Pterinochilus murinus

(Pocock, 1897)

Orange baboon spider (fossorial)
South africa
~ 5 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 10 years, ♂ ~ 3 years

This African spider has a bad reputation. It is also often referred to as the Orange bitey thing (OBT). This may be because the Pterinochilus murinus is very self-confident, sometimes already looking hysterical. In the event of the slightest disturbance, it withdraws, or at least as often, it goes into a threatening position, hits with its front legs and is obviously ready to bite. This is a very fast species, and its venom should not be underestimated either. As a rule, beginners are advised against this species, which is perfectly reasonable. However, if you take care of the animal calmly and carefully, it is a little less complicated to deal with. OBT likes it dry and does not have any special demands on care. She loves to spin and uses hiding places under cork or stones.

Pterinochilus murinus
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