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Psalmopoeus emeraldus

(Pocock, 1903)

Emerald Chevron (arboreal)
~ 5 cm bodylength
Longevity: ♀ ~ 13 years, ♂ ~ 4 years

This Psalmopoeus likes to build its quarters close to the ground and also digs from time to time. Like all other representatives of this genus, it is fast and the poison is probably also somewhat more potent than that of other new world species. At first glance, the Psalmopoeus emeraldus is reminiscent of P. pulcher. When it comes to keeping all Psalmopoeus species, additive-free potting soil pays off, it keeps the moisture long enough and can be used to create the nest. Ensure a proper air circulation, a piece of cork to climb and the basic structure is in place.

Psalmopoeus emeraldus
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